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Supplement No. 4 to Part 740—Annex A Firearm Models

(a) Pistols/revolvers. (1) German Model P08 Pistol = SMCR. (2) IZH 34M, .22 Target pistol. (3) IZH 35M, .22 caliber Target pistol. (4) Mauser Model 1896 pistol = SMCR. (5) MC-57-1 pistol. (6) MC-1-5 pistol. (7) Polish Vis Model 35 pistol = SMCR. (8) Soviet Nagant revolver = SMCR. (9) TOZ 35, .22 caliber Target pistol. (10) MTs 440. (11) MTs 57-1. (12) MTs 59-1. (13) MTs 1-5. (14) TOZ-35M (starter pistol). (15) Biathlon-7K. (b) Rifles. (1) BARS-4 Bolt Action carbine. (2) Biathlon target rifle, .22. (3) British Enfield rifle = SMCR. (4) CM2, .22 target rifle (also known as SM

Supplement No. 3 to Part 740—License Exception ENC Favorable Treatment Countries

Austria Australia Belgium Bulgaria Canada Croatia Cyprus Czech Republic Estonia Denmark Finland France Germany Greece Hungary Iceland Ireland Italy Japan Latvia Lithuania Luxembourg Malta Netherlands New Zealand Norway Poland Portugal Romania Slovakia Slovenia Spain Sweden Switzerland Turkey United Kingdom [69 FR 71363, Dec. 9, 2004, as amended at 73 FR 57507, Oct. 3, 2008; 81 FR 64673, Sept. 20, 2016]

Supplement No. 2 to Part 740—Items That May Be Donated To Meet Basic Human Needs Under the Humanitarian License Exception

(a) Health Equipment for the Handicapped Hospital Supplies and Equipment Laboratory Supplies and Equipment Medical Supplies and Devices Medicine-Processing Equipment Medicines Vitamins Water Resources Equipment Food Agricultural Materials and Machinery Suited to Small-Scale Farming Operations Agricultural Research and Testing Equipment Fertilizers Fishing Equipment and Supplies Suited to Small-Scale Fishing Operations (b) Food Insecticides Pesticides Seeds Small-Scale Irrigation Equipment Veterinary Medicines and Supplies (c) Clothes and Household Goods Bedding Clothes C

Supplement No. 1 to Part 740—Country Groups

Country Group A Country [A:1] Wassenaar participating states 1 [A:2] Missile technology control regime 2 [A:3] Australia group [A:4] Nuclear suppliers group 3 [A:5] [A:6] AlbaniaX ArgentinaXXXXX AustraliaXXXXX AustriaXXXXX BelgiumXXXXX BrazilXXBulgariaXXXXX CanadaXXXXX CroatiaXXXX CyprusXXX Czech RepublicXXXXX DenmarkXXXXX EstoniaXXXX FinlandXXXXX FranceXXXXX GermanyXXXXX GreeceXXXXX HungaryXXXXX IcelandXXXXX IndiaXXXX IrelandXXXXX IsraelX ItalyXXXXX JapanXXXXX KazakhstanXKorea, SouthXXXXX LatviaXXXX LithuaniaXXXX LuxembourgXXXXX MaltaXXX MexicoXXXX NetherlandsXXXXX New ZealandXXXXX NorwayXXX

§ 740.23 Medical Devices (MED).

(a) Scope. License Exception MED authorizes the export, reexport, or transfer (in country) of “medical devices” designated as EAR99 to or within Russia, Belarus, the temporarily occupied Crimea region of Ukraine, or the covered regions of Ukraine (as specified in § 746.6(a)(2) of the EAR). See Supplement no. 3 to part 774—Statements of Understanding under paragraph (a) (Statement of Understanding—medical equipment) for guidance on classifying medical equipment and the definition of “medical device” in § 772.1 of the EAR.

§ 740.21 Support for the Cuban People (SCP).

(a) Introduction. This License Exception authorizes certain exports and reexports to Cuba that are intended to support the Cuban people by improving their living conditions and supporting independent economic activity; strengthening civil society in Cuba; and improving the free flow of information to, from, and among the Cuban people. (b) Improving living conditions and supporting independent economic activity. This paragraph authorizes the export or reexport to Cuba of items designated as EAR99, or controlled on the Commerce Control List (CCL) (supplement no.

§ 740.20 License Exception Strategic Trade Authorization (STA).

[INSERT NAME(S) OF CONSIGNEE(S)]: (i) Is aware that [INSERT GENERAL DESCRIPTION AND APPLICABLE ECCN(S) OF ITEMS TO BE SHIPPED (e.g., aircraft parts and components classified under ECCN 9A610)] will be shipped pursuant to License Exception Strategic Trade Authorization (STA) in § 740.20 of the United States Export Administration Regulations (15 CFR 740.20); (ii) Has been informed of the ECCN(s) noted above by [INSERT NAME OF EXPORTER, REEXPORTER OR TRANSFEROR]; (iii) Understands that items shipped pursuant to License Exception STA may not subsequently be reexported pursuant to paragraphs (a

§ 740.19 Consumer Communications Devices (CCD).

(a) Authorizations. This section authorizes the export, reexport, or transfer (in-country) of commodities and software to Cuba, Russia, and Belarus subject to the requirements stated in this section. This section does not authorize U.S. owned or controlled entities in third countries to engage in reexports of foreign produced commodities to Cuba for which no license would be issued by the Department of the Treasury pursuant to 31 CFR 515.559. (b) Eligible commodities and software.

§ 740.18 Agricultural commodities (AGR).

(a) Eligibility requirements. License Exception AGR permits the export of agricultural commodities to Cuba, as well as the reexport of U.S. origin agricultural commodities to Cuba, provided your transaction meets all of the following criteria: (1) The commodity meets the definition of “agricultural commodities” in part 772 of the EAR; (2) The commodity is EAR99. You must have an official commodity classification of EAR99 from BIS for fertilizers, western red cedar and live horses before you submit a notification under this license exception.
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