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Exporters frequently raise questions on certain topics. Those below are some of the most common.
  • Deemed exports

    A deemed export refers to the sharing or release of controlled technology or source code to a foreign person within the United States.
  • Developing an Export Compliance Program (ECP)

    Learn how to create a compliance program for your organization to understand risk assessment,  if a license is required or not required for items, and protect employees from inadvertently violating the EAR.
  • Encryption

    There are specific regulatory, classification, licensing, and record keeping provisions associated with the export of encryption items.
  • Entity List

    The "Entity List" is a U.S. government compilation of foreign individuals, companies, and organizations deemed a national security concern, subjecting them to export restrictions and licensing requirements for certain technologies and goods.
  • Foreign Direct Product Rules

    U.S. items overseas, and items produced overseas using U.S. origin components or made using U.S. technology, may still be subject to the EAR. Certain activities of U.S. persons overseas may also be subject to these regulations.
  • Know your customer

    A critical component in determining the authority you need to export is to assess the suitability of your customer. Recipients may be subject to a restriction or sanction, or may exhibit a “red flag” alerting you to inquire further about the parties to the transaction.
  • Semiconductors & advanced computing

  • Fundamental research and other information not subject to the EAR