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Interactive EAR

Chapter VII

§ 732.6 Steps for other requirements.

This version is the current regulation | Last updated: April 4, 2024

Sections 732.1 through 732.4 of this part are useful in determining the license requirements that apply to you. Other portions of the EAR impose other obligations and requirements. Some of them are:

(a) Requirements relating to the use of a license in § 758.4 of the EAR .

(b) Obligations of carriers, forwarders, exporters and others to take specific steps and prepare and deliver certain documents to assure that items subject to the EAR are delivered to the destination to which they are licensed or authorized by a License Exception or some other provision of the regulations in § 758.1 through § 758.6 of the EAR .

(c) Duty of carriers to return or unload shipments at the direction of U.S. Government officials (see § 758.8 of the EAR ).

(d) [Reserved]

(e) Recordkeeping requirements imposed in part 762 of the EAR .

(f) Requirements of part 764 of the EAR to disclose facts that may come to your attention after you file a license application or make other statements to the government concerning a transaction or proposed transaction that is subject to the EAR .

(g) Certain obligations imposed by part 760 of the EAR on parties who receive requests to take actions related to foreign boycotts and prohibits certain actions relating to those boycotts.

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