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Interactive EAR

Chapter VII

§ 736.1 Introduction.

This version is the current regulation | Last updated: July 3, 2024

In this part, references to the EAR are references to 15 CFR chapter VII, subchapter C. A person may undertake transactions subject to the EAR without a license or other authorization, unless the regulations affirmatively state such a requirement. As such, if an export, reexport, or activity is subject to the EAR , the general prohibitions contained in this part and the License Exceptions specified in part 740 of the EAR must be reviewed to determine if a license is necessary. In the case of all exports from the United States, you must document your export as described in part 762 of the EAR regarding recordkeeping and clear your export through the U.S. Customs Service as described in part 758 of the EAR regarding export clearance requirements. Also note that for short supply controls all prohibitions and License Exceptions are in part 754 of the EAR .

(a) In this part we tell you:

(1) The facts that make your proposed export, reexport, or conduct subject to these general prohibitions, and

(2) The ten general prohibitions.

(b) Your obligations under the ten general prohibitions and under the EAR depend in large part upon the five types of information described in § 736.2(a) of this part and upon the general prohibitions described in § 736.2(b) of this part. The ten general prohibitions contain cross-references to other parts of the EAR that further define the breadth of the general prohibitions. For that reason, this part is not freestanding. In part 732, we provide certain steps you may follow in proper order to help you understand the general prohibitions and their relationship to other parts of the EAR .

(c) If you violate any of these ten general prohibitions, or engage in other conduct contrary to the Export Administration Act, the EAR , or any order, license, License Exception, or authorization issued thereunder, as described in part 764 of the EAR regarding enforcement, you will be subject to the sanctions described in that part.