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Interactive EAR

Chapter VII

§ 748.1 General provisions.

This version is the current regulation | Last updated: July 3, 2024

(a) Scope. In this part, references to the Export Administration Regulations or EAR are references to 15 CFR chapter VII, subchapter C. The provisions of this part involve requests for classifications and advisory opinions, export license applications, reexport license applications, and certain license exception notices subject to the EAR . All terms, conditions, provisions, and instructions, including the applicant and consignee certifications, contained in electronic or paper form(s) are incorporated as part of the EAR . For the purposes of this part, the term “application” refers to both electronic applications and the Form BIS-748P: Multipurpose Application.

(b) BIS responses. BIS will give a formal classification, advisory opinion or licensing decision only through the review of a properly completed application supported by all relevant facts and required documentation submitted in writing or electronically to BIS.

(c) Confidentiality. Consistent with section 12(c) of the Export Administration Act, as amended, information obtained for the purpose of considering license applications, and other information obtained by the U.S. Department of Commerce concerning license applications, will not be made available to the public without the approval of the Secretary of Commerce or of the Under Secretary for Industry and Security.

(d) Electronic filing required. All export and reexport license applications, License Exception AGR notifications, requests to authorize use of License Exception STA for “600 series” end items (which are currently submitted as export license applications) and classification requests and their accompanying documents must be filed via BIS's Simplified Network Application Processing system (SNAP-R), unless BIS authorizes submission via the paper forms BIS 748-P (Multipurpose Application Form), BIS-748P-A (Item Appendix) and BIS-748P-B, (End-User Appendix). Only original paper forms may be used. Facsimiles or reproductions are not acceptable.

(1) Reasons for authorizing paper submissions. BIS will process paper applications notices or requests if the submitting party meets one or more of the following criteria:

(i) BIS has received no more than one submission (i.e. the total number of export license applications, reexport license applications, license exception AGR notifications, and classification requests) from that party in the twelve months immediately preceding its receipt of the current submission;

(ii) The party does not have access to the Internet;

(iii) BIS has rejected the party's electronic filing registration or revoked its eligibility to file electronically;

(iv) BIS has requested that the party submit a paper copy for a particular transaction; or

(v) BIS has determined that urgency, a need to implement U.S. government policy or a circumstance outside the submitting party's control justify allowing paper submissions in a particular instance.

(2) Procedure for requesting authorization to file paper applications, notifications, or requests. The applicant must state in Block 24 or as an attachment to the paper application (Form BIS 748-P) which of the criteria in paragraph (d)(1) of this section it meets and the facts that support such statement. Submit the completed application, notification or request to Bureau of Industry and Security, U.S. Department of Commerce, 14th Street and Pennsylvania, NW., Room 2099B, Washington DC 20230.

(3) BIS decision. If BIS authorizes or requires paper filing pursuant to this section, it will process the application, notification or request in accordance with part 750 of the EAR . If BIS rejects a request to file using paper, it will return the Form BIS-748P and all attachments to the submitting party without action and will state the reason for its decision.

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