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Interactive EAR

Chapter VII

§ 748.6 General instructions for license applications.

This version is the current regulation | Last updated: April 4, 2024

(a) Instructions. (1) General instructions for filling out license applications are in supplement no. 1 to this part.

(2) License applications may require additional information due to the type of items requested in the application or the characteristics of the transaction. Special instructions for applications requiring such additional information are listed in § 748.8 and described fully in supplement no. 2 to this part.

(3) License applications may also require additional information for evaluation of the parties in the transaction. Special instructions for applications requiring such additional information are listed in §§ 748.9 through 748.13.

(b) Application Control Number. Each application has an application control number.The Application Control Number, consisting of a letter followed by six digits, is for use by BIS when processing applications, and by applicants when communicating with BIS concerning pending applications. This number is used for tracking purposes within the U.S. Government. The Application Control Number is not a license number.

(c) Approval or denial in entirety. License applications may be approved in whole or in part, denied in whole or in part, or returned without action. However, you may specifically request that your license application be considered as a whole and either approved or denied in its entirety.

(d) Combining items on license applications. Any items may be combined on a single application, however, if the items differ dramatically (e.g., computers and shotguns) the number of BIS offices to which a license application may be referred for review may increase significantly. Accordingly, it is recommended that you limit items on each license application to those that are similar and/or related.

(e) Attachments to applications. Documents required to be submitted with applications filed via SNAP-R must be submitted as PDF files using the procedures described in SNAP-R. Documents required to be submitted with paper applications must bear the application control number to which they relate and, if applicable, be stapled to the paper form. Where necessary, BIS may require you to submit additional information beyond that stated in the EAR confirming or amplifying information contained in your license application.

(f) Changes in facts. Answers to all items on the license application will be deemed to be continuing representations of the existing facts or circumstances. Any material or substantive change in the terms of the order, or in the facts relating to the transaction, must be promptly reported to BIS, whether a license has been granted or the license application is still under consideration. If a license has been granted and such changes are not excepted in § 750.7(c) of the EAR , they must be reported immediately to BIS, even though shipments against the license may be partially or wholly completed, during the validity period of the license.

(g) Request for extended license validity period. An extended validity period will generally be granted if your transaction is related to a multi-year project, when production lead time will not permit export or reexport during the normal validity period or for other similar circumstances. A continuing requirement to supply spare or replacement parts will not normally justify an extended validity period. To request an extended validity period, include justification for your request in Block 24 on the application.

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