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Interactive EAR

Chapter VII

§ 748.8 Unique application and submission requirements.

This version is the current regulation | Last updated: July 3, 2024

In addition to the instructions contained in supplement no. 1 to this part 748, you must also ensure that the additional requirements for certain items or types of transactions described in this section are addressed in your license application. See supplement no. 2 to this part 748 if your application involves:

(a) Chemicals, medicinals, and pharmaceuticals.

(b) Communications intercepting devices.

(c) Digital computers, telecommunications, and related equipment.

(d) U.S. person support activities that require a license under § 744.6.

(e) Intransit shipments through the United States.

(f) Intransit shipments outside of the United States.

(g) Nuclear Nonproliferation items and end-uses.

(h) Numerical control devices, motion control boards, numerically controlled machine tools, dimensional inspection machines, direct numerical control systems, specially designed assemblies and specially designed software.

(i) Parts, components, and materials incorporated abroad into foreign-made products.

(j) Ship stores, plane stores, supplies, and equipment.

(k) Regional stability controlled items.

(l) Reexports.

(m) Robots.

(n) Short Supply controlled items.

(o) Technology.

(p) Temporary exports or reexports.

(q) Exports of chemicals controlled for CW reasons by ECCN 1C350 to countries not listed in supplement no. 2 to part 745 of the EAR .

(r) Encryption classification requests.

(s) Exports of firearms and certain shotguns temporarily in the United States.

(t) “600 Series Major Defense Equipment.”

(u) Aircraft and vessels on temporary sojourn.

(v) In-country transfers.

(w) License Exception STA eligibility requests for “600 series” end items.

(x) License application for a transaction involving a 9x515 and “600 series” item that is equivalent to a transaction previously approved under an ITAR license or other approval.

(y) Satellite exports.

(z) Firearms.

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