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Interactive EAR

Chapter VII

Supplement No. 9 to Part 748—End-User Review Committee Procedures

This version is the current regulation | Last updated: April 4, 2024

(1) The End-User Review Committee (ERC), composed of representatives of the Departments of State, Defense, Energy, and Commerce, and other agencies, as appropriate, is responsible for determining whether to add to, to remove from, or otherwise amend the list of validated end-users and associated eligible items set forth in supplement no. 7 to this part. The Department of Commerce chairs the ERC.

(2) Unanimous vote of the Committee is required to authorize VEU status for a candidate or to add any eligible items to a pre-existing authorization. Majority vote of the Committee is required to remove VEU authorization or to remove eligible items from a pre-existing authorization.

(3) In addition to requests submitted pursuant to § 748.15, the ERC will also consider candidates for VEU authorization that are identified by the U.S. Government. When the U.S. Government identifies a candidate for VEU authorization, relevant parties (i.e., end-users and exporters or reexporters, when they can be identified) will be notified, before the ERC determines whether VEU authorization is appropriate, as to which end-users have been identified as potential VEU authorization candidates. End-users are not obligated to accept the Government's nomination.

(4) The ERC will make determinations whether to grant VEU authorization to each VEU candidate no later than 30 calendar days after the candidate's complete application is circulated to all ERC agencies. The Committee may request additional information from an applicant or potential validated end-user related to a particular VEU candidate's application. The period during which the ERC is waiting for additional information from an applicant or potential validated end-user is not included in calculating the 30 calendar day deadline for the ERC's determination.

(5) If an ERC agency is not satisfied with the decision of the ERC, that agency may escalate the matter to the Advisory Committee on Export Policy (ACEP ). The procedures and time frame for escalating any such matters are the same as those specified for license applications in Executive Order 12981, as amended by Executive Orders 13020, 13026 and 13117 and referenced in § 750.4 of the EAR .

(6) A final determination at the appropriate decision-making level to amend the VEU authorization list set forth in supplement no. 7 to this part operates as clearance by all member agencies to publish the amendment in the Federal Register.

(7) The Deputy Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Export Administration will communicate the determination on each VEU request to the requesting party and the end-user.

[72 FR 33662, June 19, 2007]