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Interactive EAR

Chapter VII

§ 750.10 Transfers of licenses for exports.

This version is the current regulation | Last updated: April 11, 2024

The undersigned hereby certifies that, if license number(s) ______ is (are) transferred in accordance with my (our) request, any and all documents evidencing the order covered by this (these) license(s) will be retained and made available upon request in compliance with the recordkeeping provisions contained in Part 762 of the Export Administration Regulations. The undersigned further certifies compliance with all requirements of the Export Administration Regulations regarding these licenses.

(a) Authorization. As the licensee, you may not transfer a license issued for the export of items from the United States to any other party, except with the prior written approval of BIS. BIS may authorize a transfer of a license for export to a transferee who is subject to the jurisdiction of the United States, is a principal party in interest, and will assume all powers and responsibilities under the license for the control of the shipment of the items out of the United States. BIS will approve only one transfer of the same license and only transfers of licenses to export items.

(b) How to request the transfer of licenses—(1) Letter from licensee. You, as the licensee, must submit a letter in writing to request a transfer of a license or licenses. The letter must contain the following information:

(i) The reasons for the requested transfer;

(ii) Either a list of the outstanding license numbers or a statement that all outstanding licenses in the name of the licensee are to be transferred, and the total number of such outstanding licenses;

(iii) A list of all license applications for export to be transferred that are pending with BIS, identifying the Application Control Number for each, or other information that will assist in identifying the pending license applications;

(iv) Name and address of the person you intend to transfer the licenses and license applications to;

(v) The facts necessitating transfer;

(vi) A statement as to whether or not any consideration has been, or will be, paid for the transfer; and

(vii) Identification by name of the legal document (certificate, agreement, etc.) or other authority by which the new firm name is legally established, the new corporation or firm created, or the assets transferred and showing the effective date of such document and the state where filed or recorded.

(2) Information from transferee. The person to whom you wish to transfer your license(s) must provide you a signed letter, that must be submitted with your request, containing the following:

(i) That the transferee is a principal party in interest in the transaction covered by the license, or is acting as agent for a principal party in interest;

(ii) That the transferee is subject to the jurisdiction of the United States;

(iii) That the transferee assumes all powers and responsibilities under the license for the control of the shipment of the items out of the United States;

(iv) Whether any consideration has been, has not been, or will be paid for the transfer;

(v) The name and address of the foreign principal in instances where the transferee will make the export as an agent on behalf of a foreign principal; and

(vi) If the license is to be transferred to a subsidiary or firm, or if you transfer to the transferee all, or a substantial portion, of your assets or business, the transferee must certify that the legal authority changing the exporter imposes on the transferee the responsibility to accept and fulfill the obligations of the transferor under the transactions covered by the license; and

(vii) The following certification:

(c) Notification of transfer and recordkeeping. Unless instructed otherwise by BIS, you must retain the license(s) pending notification by BIS of the action taken. If the request is approved, you must forward the license(s) to the transferee and the validated letter received from BIS authorizing the transfer. If the transfer request is not approved, the license(s) must either be returned to BIS or used by you if you so choose and have retained the legal and operational capacity fully to meet the responsibilities imposed by the license(s). If your initial request is returned by BIS for additional information, after obtaining the necessary information you may resubmit your request.

[61 FR 12829, Mar. 25, 1996, as amended at 62 FR 25463, May 9, 1997]