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Interactive EAR

Chapter VII

§ 750.6 Denial of license applications.

This version is the current regulation | Last updated: April 4, 2024

(a) Intent to deny notification. If BIS intends to deny your license application, BIS will notify you in writing within 5 days of the decision. The notification will include:

(1) The intent to deny decision;

(2) The statutory and regulatory basis for the denial;

(3) To the extent consistent with the national security and foreign policy of the United States, the specific considerations that led to the decision to deny the license application;

(4) What, if any, modifications or restrictions to the license application would allow BIS to reconsider the license application;

(5) The name of the BIS representative in a position to discuss the issues with the applicant; and

(6) The availability of appeal procedures.

(b) Response to intent to deny notification. You will be allowed 20 days from the date of the notification to respond to the decision before the license application is denied. If you respond to the notification, BIS will advise you if, as a result of your response, the decision to deny has been changed. Unless you are so advised by the 45th day after the date of the notification, the denial will become final, without further notice. You will then have 45 days from the date of final denial to exercise the right to appeal under part 756 of the EAR .