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Interactive EAR

Chapter VII

§ 750.9 Duplicate licenses.

This version is the current regulation | Last updated: July 3, 2024

(a) Lost, stolen or destroyed. For licensees whom BIS authorized the submission of paper applications, if a license is lost, stolen or destroyed, you, as the licensee, may obtain a duplicate of the license by submitting a letter to the BIS at the address listed in § 748.1(d)(2) of the EAR , Attention: Duplicate License Request.” You must certify in your letter:

(1) That the original license ([number] issued to [name and address of licensee]) has been lost, stolen or destroyed; and

(2) The circumstances under which it was lost, stolen or destroyed.

(b) Hong Kong Trade Department. BIS will automatically issue a duplicate license whenever the license lists a party in Hong Kong as the intermediate consignee, or when Hong Kong is identified as the country from which the reexport will take place. The duplicate license will be labeled “Duplicate for Hong Kong Trade Department”. This duplicate must be forwarded to the reexporter or intermediate consignee for submission to the Hong Kong Trade Department. The original license must be retained on file by the licensee in accordance with the recordkeeping provisions contained in part 762 of the EAR .

[61 FR 12829, Mar. 25, 1996, as amended at 73 FR 49331, Aug. 21, 2008; 86 FR 54813, Oct. 5, 2021]