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Chapter VII

§ 754.4 Unprocessed western red cedar.

This version is the current regulation | Last updated: April 11, 2024

I, (Name) (Title) of (Exporter) HEREBY CERTIFY that to the best of my knowledge and belief the (Quantity) (cubic meters or board feed scribner) of unprocessed western red cedar timber that (Exporter) proposes to export was not harvested from State or Federal lands under contracts entered into after October 1, 1979.

Signature Date

(a) License requirement. As indicated by the letters “SS” in the “Reason for Control” paragraph in the “License Requirements” section of ECCN 1C988 on the CCL (supplement no. 1 to part 774 of the EAR ), a license is required to all destinations, including Canada, for the export of unprocessed western red cedar covered by ECCN 1C988 (Western red cedar (thuja plicata) logs and timber, and rough, dressed and worked lumber containing wane). For a non-exhaustive list of 10-digit Harmonized System-based Schedule B commodity numbers that may apply to unprocessed western red cedar products subject to the license requirements of this section, see supplement no. 2 to part 754 of the EAR . See paragraph (c) of this section for license exceptions for timber harvested from public lands in the State of Alaska, private lands, or Indian lands, and see paragraph (d) of this section for relevant definitions.

(b) Licensing policy. (1) BIS will generally deny applications for licenses to export unprocessed western red cedar harvested from Federal or State lands under harvest contracts entered into after September 30, 1979.

(2) BIS will consider, on a case-by-case basis, applications for licenses to export unprocessed western red cedar harvested from Federal or State lands under harvest contracts entered into prior to October 1, 1979.

(3) BIS will approve license applications for unprocessed western red cedar timber harvested from public lands in Alaska, private lands, and Indian lands. Applications must be submitted in accordance with the procedures set forth in paragraph (a) of this section. See paragraph (c) of this section for the availability of a License Exception.

(c) License Exception for western red cedar (WRC). (1) Subject to the requirements described in paragraph (c) of this section, License Exception WRC may be used to export without a license unprocessed western red cedar timber harvested from Federal, State and other public lands in Alaska, all private lands, and, lands held in trust for recognized Indian tribes by Federal or State agencies.

(2) Exporters who use License Exception WRC must obtain and retain on file the following documents:

(i) A statement by the exporter (or other appropriate documentation) indicating that the unprocessed western red cedar timber exported under this License Exception was not harvested from State or Federal lands outside the State of Alaska, and did not become available for export through substitution of commodities so harvested or produced. If the exporter did not harvest or produce the timber, the records or statement must identify the harvester or producer and must be accompanied by an identical statement from the harvester or producer. If any intermediate party or parties held title to the timber between harvesting and purchase, the exporter must also obtain such a statement, or equivalent documentation, from the intermediate party or parties and retain it on file.

(ii) A certificate of inspection issued by a third party log scaling and grading organization, approved by the United States Forest Service, that:

(A) Specifies the quantity in cubic meters or board feet, scribner rule, of unprocessed western red cedar timber to be exported; and

(B) Lists each type of brand, tag, and/or paint marking that appears on any log or unprocessed lumber in the export shipment or, alternatively, on the logs from which the unprocessed timber was produced.

(3) The requirements and restrictions described in §§ 740.1 and 740.2 of the EAR that apply to all License Exceptions also apply to the use of License Exception WRC.

(4) A person exporting any item pursuant to this license exception must enter on any required Electronic Export Information (EEI) filing to the Automated Export System (AES ) the correct license code that corresponds to “SS-WRC.”

(d) License Applications. (1) Applicants requesting to export unprocessed western red cedar must apply for a license in accordance with § 748.1, 748.4 and 748.6 of the EAR , submit any other documents as may be required by BIS, and submit a statement from an authorized representative of the exporter, reading as follows:

(2) In Blocks 16 and 18 of the application, “Various” may be entered when there is more than one purchaser or ultimate consignee.

(3) For each application submitted, and for each export shipment made under a license, the exporter must assemble and retain for the period described in part 762 of the EAR , and produce or make available for inspection, the following:

(i) A signed statement(s) by the harvester or producer, and each subsequent party having held title to the commodities, that the commodities in question were harvested under a contract to harvest unprocessed western red cedar from State or Federal lands, entered into before October 1, 1979; and

(ii) The Automated Export System record.

(4) A shipping tolerance of 5 percent in cubic feet or board feet scribner is allowed on the un-shipped balance of a commodity listed on a license. This tolerance applies only to the final quantity remaining un-shipped on a license against which more than one shipment is made and not to the original quantity authorized by such license. See § 750.11 of the EAR for an explanation of shipping tolerances.

(e) Definitions. When used in this section, the following terms have the meaning indicated:

(1) Unprocessed western red cedar means western red cedar (thuja plicata) timber, logs, cants, flitches, and processed lumber containing wane on one or more sides, as defined in ECCN 1C988, that has not been processed into:

(i) Lumber of American Lumber Standards Grades of Number 3 dimension or better, or Pacific Lumber Inspection Bureau Export R-List Grades of Number 3 common or better grades, with a maximum cross section of 2,000 square centimeters (310 square inches) for any individual piece of processed western red cedar (WRC) being exported, regardless of grade;

(ii) Chips, pulp, and pulp products;

(iii) Veneer and plywood;

(iv) Poles, posts, or pilings cut or treated with preservative for use as such and not intended to be further processed; and

(v) Shakes and shingles.

(2) Federal and State lands means Federal and State lands, excluding lands in the State of Alaska and lands held in trust by any Federal or State official or agency for a recognized Indian tribe or for any member of such tribe.

(3) Contract harvester means any person who, on October 1, 1979, had an outstanding contractual commitment to harvest western red cedar timber from State and Federal lands and who can show by previous business practice or other means that the contractual commitment was made with the intent of exporting or selling for export in unprocessed form all or part of the commodities to be harvested.

(4) Producer means any person engaged in a process that transforms an unprocessed western red cedar commodity (e.g., western red cedar timber) into another unprocessed western red cedar commodity (e.g., cants) primarily through a saw mill.

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