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Interactive EAR

Chapter VII

§ 758.2 Automated Export System (AES).

This version is the current regulation | Last updated: July 3, 2024

The Bureau of the Census' Foreign Trade Regulations (FTR) (15 CFR Part 30) contain provisions for filing Electronic Export Information (EEI) using the Automated Export System (AES ). In order to use AES , you must apply directly to the Bureau of the Census (Census Bureau) for certification and approval (see 15 CFR 30.5(a) of the FTR). Two electronic filing options (predeparture and postdeparture) are available for transmitting EEI. Predeparture filing requires that all information be reported in AES prior to export (15 CFR 30.4(a) and (b) of the FTR). Postdeparture filing is available only for approved companies (approved by the Census Bureau, U.S. Customs and Border Protection, and BIS) and requires no information to be transmitted prior to export with complete information reported postdeparture no later than five (5) calendar days after the date of exportation (15 CFR 30.4(c) of the FTR).

(a) Census Bureau's postdeparture application process. Exporters, or agents applying on behalf of an exporter, may apply for postdeparture privileges by submitting a Letter of Intent to the Bureau of Census (Census Bureau) Census Bureau in accordance with 15 CFR 30.5(a) of the FTR. The Census Bureau will distribute the Letter of Intent to BIS and other agencies participating in the postdeparture approval process. Any agency may notify the Census Bureau that an applicant has failed to meet its acceptance standards, and the Census Bureau will provide a denial letter to the applicant naming the denying agency. If the Census Bureau receives neither notification of denial, nor a request for an extension from the agency within 30 days of the date of referral of the letter of intent to the agency, the applicant is deemed to be approved by that agency. (15 CFR 30.5(c) of the FTR).

(b) BIS postdeparture evaluation criteria. BIS will consider the grounds for denial of postdeparture filing status set forth in 15 CFR 30.5(c)(1) of the FTR, as well as the additional grounds for denial set forth in this paragraph.

(1) Applicants have not been approved for postdeparture filing privileges by the Census Bureau or other agency;

(2) Any party to the export transaction is contained on BIS's Denied Party, Entity Lists, [SDN ], or Unverified List;

(3) Exports are destined to a country in Country Group E:1 or E:2 (supplement no. 1 to part 740 of the EAR );

(4) Exports are made under License Exception Strategic Trade Authorization (STA); are made under Authorization Validated End User (VEU); or are of 9x515 or “600 series” items.

(5) Exports containing items that require a BIS license or have an ECCN controlled for reasons other than Anti-Terrorism only or Encryption Items.

(c) Contacts for assistance. (1) For additional information on the AES in general, please contact the Foreign Trade Division, U.S. Census Bureau, (800) 549-0595, ext. 1.

(2) For information about BIS's postdeparture approval process for items subject to the EAR , contact: Director, Office of Technology Evaluation, Bureau of Industry and Security, (202) 482-4933, facsimile: (202) 482-5361.

[79 FR 4617, Jan. 29, 2014, as amended at 79 FR 27437, May 13, 2014; 80 FR 43319, July 22, 2015]