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Interactive EAR

Chapter VII

§ 758.4 Use of export license.

This version is the current regulation | Last updated: April 4, 2024

(a) License valid for shipment from any port. An export license issued by BIS authorizes exports from any port of export in the United States unless the license states otherwise. Items that leave the United States at one port, cross adjacent foreign territory, and reenter the United States at another port before being exported to a foreign country, are treated as exports from the last U.S. port of export.

(b) Shipments against expiring license. Any item requiring a license that has not departed from the final U.S. port of export by midnight of the expiration date on an export license may not be exported under that license unless the shipment meets the requirements of paragraphs (b)(1) or (2) of this section.

(1) BIS grants an extension; or

(2) Prior to midnight on the date of expiration on the license, the items:

(i) Were laden aboard the vessel;

(ii) Were located on a pier ready for loading and not for storage, and were booked for a vessel that was at the pier ready for loading; or

(iii) The vessel was expected to be at the pier for loading before the license expired, but exceptional and unforseen circumstances delayed it, and BIS or the U.S. Customs Service makes a judgment that undue hardship would result if a license extension were required.

(c) Reshipment of undelivered items. If the consignee does not receive an export made under a license because the carrier failed to deliver it, the exporter may reship the same or an identical item, subject to the same limitations as to quantity and value as described on the license, to the same consignee and destination under the same license. If an item is to be reshipped to any person other than the original consignee, the shipment is considered a new export and requires a new license. Before reshipping, satisfactory evidence of the original export and of the delivery failure, together with a satisfactory explanation of the delivery failure, must be submitted by the exporter to the following address: Operations Division, Bureau of Industry and Security, U.S. Department of Commerce, Room 2099B, 14th Street & Pennsylvania Avenue, NW., Washington, DC 20230.

(d) Exports against license with approved name changes. If you are exporting against a license with approved name changes under § 750.7(c)(2) of the EAR , prior to using that export license you are required to include in the respective name field in AES (e.g., in the USPPI name field in AES ), the new name followed by the original name in this format “[new name] f.k.a. [original name].” This reporting requirement would be completed by the authorized filer of the electronic export information (EEI) in AES . Although not required, the exporter may include a copy of the BIS written response approving the non-material name changes in accordance with § 750.7(c)(2) of the EAR . If the items have already been exported against the license by the time the name changes are approved, you are not required to report this additional information in AES , but you still must follow the recordkeeping requirements in part 762 of the EAR .

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