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Yes; this process was articulated in BIS’s August 2008 revision of the EAR titled “Authorization to Impose License Requirements for Exports or Reexports to Entities Acting Contrary to the National Security or Foreign Policy Interests of the United States.” As a result of the August 2008 rule, §744.16 of the EAR defines the procedures that allow a person listed on the Entity List to submit a written request to the End-User Review Committee (ERC) that its entry be removed or modified. The request must be made in English and the party must provide a basis for the removal or modification. After the ERC has reviewed the request and reached a decision, BIS’s Deputy Assistant Secretary for Export Administration will provide the decision in a written response to the requesting party. The decision communicated to the party by the Deputy Assistant Secretary is final. BIS will publish any modifications to, or removals from, the Entity List resulting from such appeals in the Federal Register. The timeframe for appeals is 30 calendar days after the ERC’s receipt of the appeal (note that BIS conducts an internal review of all appeals prior to referral to the ERC that may add to this timeframe). Please note that if a party on the Entity List submits an appeal, it remains subject to the Entity List's licensing requirements while the appeal is being processed. In order for a party to be released from the additional licensing requirements imposed by being on the Entity List, two actions must occur: 1) the appeal must be approved by the ERC, and 2) a formal notice of the party’s removal from the Entity List must be published in the Federal Register.