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The license requirement referenced in footnote 1 to Supplement No. 4 to part 744 of the EAR was added in the August 2020 FDP rule. The subsequent February 2022 rule moved the license requirement to § 744.11(a)(2) and consolidated the provisions for Foreign Direct Product in §734.9 (Foreign-Direct Product (FDP) Rules. The Foreign-Produced Direct Product Rule as it relates to the Entity List is now described in § 734.9(e) of the EAR and based on: (1) whether the foreign-produced item (see § 734.9(e)(1) of the EAR): (i) is the direct product of “technology” or “software” subject to the EAR and classified under one of the specified Export Control Classification Numbers (ECCN); or (ii) is produced by any plant or major component of a plant that is located outside the United States, when the plant or major component of a plant itself is a direct product of U.S.-origin “technology” or “software” and classified under one of the specified ECCNs; and (2) there is knowledge that (see § 734.9(e)(2) of the EAR): (i) the foreign-produced item will be incorporated into, or will be used in the “production” or “development” of any “part,” “component,” or “equipment” produced, purchased, or ordered by a footnote 1 designated entity; or (ii) a footnote 1 designated entity is a party to any transaction involving the foreign-produced item, e.g., as a “purchaser,” “intermediate consignee,” “ultimate consignee,” or “end-user.”