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International Policy Office (IPO)

Creates global export policies, liaises with foreign trade ministries, conducts international export control training, analyzes country-specific policies, and crafts measures against foreign circumvention.

Office overview and responsibilities

Established in 2023, the International Policy Office (IPO) reports to the Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary for Export Administration and works across BIS program offices and with the interagency community to help identify, develop, and educate on country-based export control policies. IPO plays a critical role in building relationships with international partners to ensure effective implementation of export controls. This includes regular engagements with foreign partners to share information on recent U.S. regulatory changes and explain policy initiatives.


Outreach and Capacity Building

The International Policy Office participates in export control capacity building programs and other foreign outreach to deepen understandings of export control systems and export control policy, and forges relationships with partners as they develop their own domestic laws and regulations. These relationships naturally foster ongoing conversations about building more effective and interoperable export control systems.

Dialogues and Exchanges

The International Policy Office organizes and participates in informal and formal dialogues with partner governments on the implementation and administration of export control systems.  These types of dialogues help inform Commerce’s policy planning to ensure the effectiveness of controls.  For example, in response to Russia’s war against Ukraine, dialogues with close allies have led to coordinated updates and implementation of export controls against Russia, maximizing the impact of U.S. policy goals.

Coordination and Collaboration

The International Policy Office works both across the Department and with interagency partners to track foreign policy developments that affect export controls. It coordinates with other agencies on the development of new policy initiatives, providing subject matter expertise and insight into the framework of existing controls and the policy rationale for existing structures.  It aids the effective implementation of export controls by working with partners and allies, identifying creative solutions to implementation problems using data analytics and by building an international understanding of U.S. policy goals.

Monitoring Compliance and Circumvention Trends

The International Policy Office works with analysts to keep abreast of activities that involve compliance with BIS export control regulations, including circumvention trends.  Using both publicly available data and Commerce Department data, IPO crafts policies designed to enhance compliance and identify end users of concern for further action.


Office leadership

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Director, International Policy Office (IPO)

Liz Abraham

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Director, International Policy Office (IPO)

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