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§ 750.11 Shipping tolerances.

Under some circumstances, you may use a license issued for the export of items from the United States to export more than the value shown on that license. This additional amount is called a shipping tolerance. This section tells you, as the licensee, when you may take advantage of a shipping tolerance and the amount of shipping tolerance you are permitted to use. (a) If you have already shipped the full quantity of items approved on your license, you may not use this shipping tolerance provision.

§ 750.10 Transfers of licenses for exports.

The undersigned hereby certifies that, if license number(s) ______ is (are) transferred in accordance with my (our) request, any and all documents evidencing the order covered by this (these) license(s) will be retained and made available upon request in compliance with the recordkeeping provisions contained in Part 762 of the Export Administration Regulations. The undersigned further certifies compliance with all requirements of the Export Administration Regulations regarding these licenses. (a) Authorization.

§ 750.9 Duplicate licenses.

(a) Lost, stolen or destroyed. For licensees whom BIS authorized the submission of paper applications, if a license is lost, stolen or destroyed, you, as the licensee, may obtain a duplicate of the license by submitting a letter to the BIS at the address listed in § 748.1(d)(2) of the EAR, Attention: Duplicate License Request.” You must certify in your letter: (1) That the original license ([number] issued to [name and address of licensee]) has been lost, stolen or destroyed; and (2) The circumstances under which it was lost, stolen or destroyed. (b) Hong Kong Trade Department.

§ 750.8 Revocation or suspension of licenses.

(a) Revocation. All licenses for exports or reexports are subject to revision, suspension, or revocation, in whole or in part, without notice. BIS's Office of Exporter Services may revoke any license in which a person who has been convicted of one of the statutes specified in section 11(h) of the EAA, at the discretion of the Secretary of Commerce, has an interest in the license at the time of the conviction. It may be necessary for BIS to stop a shipment or an export or reexport transaction at any stage in the process (e.g., in order to prevent an unauthorized export or reexport).

§ 750.4 Procedures for processing license applications.

(a) Overview. (1) All license applications will be resolved or referred to the President no later than 90 calendar days from the date of BIS's registration of the license application. Processing times for the purposes of this section are defined in calendar days. The procedures and time limits described in this part apply to all license applications registered on or after February 4, 1996.

§ 750.3 Review of license applications by BIS and other government agencies and departments.

(a) Review by BIS. In reviewing specific license applications, BIS will conduct a complete analysis of the license application along with all documentation submitted in support of the application. In addition to reviewing the item and end-use, BIS will consider the reliability of each party to the transaction and review any available intelligence information. To the maximum extent possible, BIS will make licensing decisions without referral of license applications to other agencies, however, BIS may consult with other U.S.

§ 750.2 Processing of Classification Requests and Advisory Opinions.

(a) Classification requests. All classification requests submitted in accordance with procedures described in § 748.3 (a) and (b) of the EAR will be answered within 14 calendar days after receipt. All responses will inform the person of the proper classification (e.g., whether or not the item is subject to the Export Administration Regulations (EAR) and, if applicable, the appropriate Export Control Classification Number [ECCN]). (b) Advisory Opinion requests.

§ 750.1 Scope.

In this part, references to the EAR are references to 15 CFR chapter VII, subchapter C. This part describes the Bureau of Industry and Security's (BIS) process for reviewing your application for a license and the applicable processing times for various types of applications.
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