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The Departments of Commerce, State, and the Treasury maintain separate lists for the programs each agency administers because these programs have different purposes and are regulated under different authorities. BIS maintains three lists: the Denied Persons List (DPL); the Unverified List; and the Entity List. The Entity List is described in detail in these FAQs and can be found here. The DPL lists persons that have been denied export privileges; any dealings with persons listed on the DPL that violate the terms of their denial order would be a violation of the EAR. The DPL can be found here. The Unverified List is a list of parties that have not cooperated with BIS during post-shipment verification checks. The presence of a party on the Unverified List in a transaction is a “red flag” that must be resolved before proceeding with the transaction. The Unverified List can be found here. The Departments of the Treasury and State maintain other lists that should be consulted before exporting, reexporting, or transferring item(s). These lists include the Specially Designated Nationals and Blocked Persons (SDN) List, the Debarred List, and the lists of persons subject to Nonproliferation Sanctions. You can find links to these lists here. A consolidated version of all of the U.S. Government proscribed parties lists is available here.